Publication Charges

Whites Science understands that our valued authors from across the globe have different publication needs. 

There are four options to meet your publication needs:

WS-IMPWS-IMPACTAACTA: Wellcome or COAF funding recipients please note: this option must be chosen if you intend to have Wellcome/COAF or other funding agency to cover your open access fees.


WS-OPEN ACCESS: A flat fee includes all publication charges and open access 6 months after publication under CC-BY-NC-SA license. (Recommended) 



WS-RAPIDA: Immediate Open Access flat fee includes all publication charges and open access upon publication under CC-BY license. Articles are released on PMC upon issue publication.



WS-ROYALTYIndividual & Institutional Members

Our members support the project through the payment of annual membership fees, allowing them to submit an unlimited number of manuscripts for consideration. All manuscripts undergo a meticulous and stringent single-blind peer review process, and only manuscripts deemed of sufficient quality and relevance will be accepted for publication. Our work goes beyond the organization of a fast, yet rigorous single-blind peer review and the archive of publications. For each journal we aim to publish the most relevant research and to guarantee the highest visibility of all articles by including our contents in the most important indexing and abstracting databases.

Individual Membership

Membership is valid for one year and allows an author to submit manuscripts to all WS journals without any further costs or article processing charges.

To become a member, an author simply registers with one of the journals. Membership fees can be paid via PayPal within 48 hours of registration. If an article has multiple authors, at least one of the authors, including the corresponding author, must be members..

Institutional Membership

Institutions interested in supporting open access and increasing the proportion of their publications available to the broad public are welcome to join institutional membership. The institutional membership benefits all affiliated researchers with the possibility of unlimited submission, there is an annual flat fee irrespective of the number of academic and research staff of the institution.

Authors will be invoiced for publication or open access fees after acceptance of their article. Open access is verified prior to invoicing. Whites Science is unable to process cancellations, refunds, or returns of open-access fees after publication.

Inability to pay the fee will not affect the publication of your manuscript. If you are experiencing financial hardship please contact us for more information at info[at]

Invited commentary and reviews are published immediately open access at no charge.


Whites Science Journals Publication Charges
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Innovation (IJPRI) £ 550 £ 550 £ 650 £ 3990
International Journal of Innovations in Biological and Chemical Sciences (IJIBCS) £ 1219 £ 1219 £ 1319 £ 3990
International Journal of Innovative Medicine and Health Science (IJIMHS)  £ 1519 £ 1519 £ 1659 £ 3990
International Journal of Nanotechnology and Nanoscience (IJNN) £ 419 £ 419 £ 519 £ 3990
European Journal of Innovative Business Management (EJIBM) £ 319 £ 319 £ 419 £ 3990
European Journal of Bioinformatics (EJB) £ 319 £ 319 £ 65 £ 3990
International Journal of Innovations in Agriculture (IJIA) £ 219 £ 219 £ 319 £ 3990