Dr. Alireza Miremadi

563292_10150769213101963_903691654_nDr. Alireza Miremadi is an outstanding researcher with an international reputation for research in all area of Marketing especially concentrate more on marketing communication(IMC) , Branding, Consumer behavior, internet marketing and marketing Research. I have already published many articles in top tire journals in marketing and business; furthermore I have received two best paper awards in international context. One best paper award was delivered in 14th International Business research conference among 100 articles from 43 countries under marketing forum in Dubai, the second best paper award was delivered to me in international conference on new directions in Business, Management, finance and Economics (ICNDBM2013) in North Cyprus. I have already thought in one of the most reputable university in Iran known as Sharif university of Technology – International Campus as Head of department and later on become the Dean of Graduate school of Management and Education. I become the member of American Association of International Researchers (AAIR) under marketing forum from January 01. 2014. My membership Id is MKT-AAIR-1001; furthermore I become the member of Athens Institute for Education and Research belonging to the marketing research unit and Management research unit