Dr Indrasena Reddy Kummetha

Dr. Indrasena Reddy Kummetha received his bachelor’s degree from the Srikrishnadeveraya University in Anantapur, India and a master’s from Sreevenkateswara University in Tirupathi, India. After completion of his masters he started his career in the pharmaceutical industry and concurrently completed his Ph.D from Srikrishnadevaraya University in Anantapur, India, working under the direction of Dr. Kondra Sudhakar Babu. He has 10 years pharmaceutical industry experience. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow under prof. Tariq M. Rana at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). The main focus of his current research is the development of new strategies for the synthesis of biologically active molecules against Zika and Cancer, methyltransferase inhibitors, and Vif inhibitors.