Dr. Majid Abdoli

Dr. Majid Abdoli is member of Young Researchers and Elite Club, Zanjan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Zanjan, Iran. He has obtained B.Sc. from Zanjan University of Iran in Agricultural Engineering (field of Agronomy). He also has obtained M.Sc. course in Agronomy (field of Crop Physiology) at Razi University of Iran and has worked on the role of current and storage sources in grain growth stage on yield formation of different bread wheat cultivars of Kermanshah province. Also, Dr. Abdoli her Ph.D. thesis research has passed in Crop Physiology at the University of Maragheh in Iran on the evaluation of approaches to improvement the grain quantitative and qualitative of wheat by using zinc in calcareous soils. He during of education has achieved the third rank in M.Sc. and first rank in Ph.D. Also, he has published several manuscripts in international and national journals. Dr. Abdoli is reviewer for several national journals and he has published near of 25 manuscripts in international and national conferences and congresses. He has a record of one book with title maize and its technical guidelines of cultivation.