Dr. Mohammad Reza Safaei

Reza photoDr. Mohammad Reza Safaei has obtained his B. Sc. (Thermofluid) and M. Sc. (Thermal sciences) from Iran and Ph. D. (Heat transfer) and post-Doc. (heat transfer in nanofluids) from University of Malaya, Malaysia. Dr. Safaei has a record of 1 book (as editor), 3 book chapters, 54 Journal papers and also 28 presented scientific papers in national, international and ISI conferences in different research areas. His research interests are: CFD, Turbulence Fluids & Modeling (Standard K-ε, RNG K-ε, RSM & LES), micro & nano fluids, non-Newtonian fluids, heat transfer (convection & radiation), renewable energy (solar energy & biofuels) and air pollution control.