Dr. Sharad Funde

Dr. Sharad Funde Biography
Dr. Sharad Funde obtained his B.Sc. (Chemistry) in 2004 from University of Pune, M.Sc. (Biochemistry) in 2006 and Ph.D. (Biochemistry) in 2012 from the Department of Chemistry, University of Pune, under the supervision of Prof. Madhurima Dikshit. His doctorate and research work was mainly focused on drug discovery. He is experienced with wide range of state-of-art techniques required for the drug discovery research as well as synthesis, characterization and optimization of new drug candidates. With his research, he has presented his research at various conferences and published several research articles in peer reviewed international journals. He is a recipient of prestigious young scientist award from PDF applied research institute. He is a qualified faculty member at various colleges and institutes with teaching experience of over 5 years.