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Invitation to Join in as Editor/Reviewer

 Dear Colleague,

To help us continue to meet Whites Science Innovation Inc., mission of empowering the global scientific community, we seek to add new members to our EDITORIAL TEAM.  In view of your great expertise in the research field, it is my pleasure to invite you to kindly join as a EDITOR/REVIEWER for our journals.

 As an EDITOR you shall be benefited:

  * As an EDITOR, you are welcome to submit quality manuscripts to Whites Science Journals every year, which will be given priority in publication.

* You may recommend research articles for publication submitted by other research scholars.

* Joining an exciting virtual community dedicated to improving qualitative research.

* Collaborating with an international editorial leadership team.

* Mentoring authors from around the world.

* Improving your own scholarly Research.

* Acquiring knowledge on the latest innovations.

* Gaining a valuable credential for tenure and promotion review.

* Complete or partial waiver of handling fees at your sole recommendation.

To join as editor/reviewer submit your testimonials electronically at:

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