Bioherbicidal Potential Of Root Extracts Of Tagetus Minuta Against Parthenium Hysterophorus L.

International Journal of Innovations in Biological and Chemical Sciences, Vol. 4: 1-10, 2013



The present paper highlights the bioherbicidal property of the root extracts of Tagetus minuta against the obnoxious alien weed Parthenium hysterophorus L. Root extracts of Tagetus minuta significantly inhibited seed germination, seedling length, vigour index, biomass and biochemical components of Parthenium weed. The phytotoxicity of the roots of Tagetus minuta against Parthenium shoots and seedlings was directly proportional to the concentration, immersion period and exposure period. It was also observed that phytotoxicity of the roots of Tagetus minuta collected at flowering stage was more in comparison to the roots of vegetative stage of Tagetus minuta and it may be due to the presence of potential allelochemicals in the roots of Tagetus minuta.

Keywords : Allelochemicals, biopesticide, Parthenium hysterophorus and Tagetus minuta.