Fluorosis: A Health Perspective Study


Fluorosis: A Health Perspective Study
Seema Garg, Mukhtar Singh
1Department of Chemistry, Sachdeva Institute of Technology, Farah, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.
2 Former Principal , Agra College,Agra.



Fluoride concentration of ground water sample from eleven villages in Block Baroli Ahir of district Agra were assessed. The study of fluoride distribution revealed that the concentration of fluoride in these villages are more than 1.5 ppm and ranging upto 18.4 ppm which is much above the permissible limit. Although small concentration of fluoride in drinking water has a beneficial effect on body, the higher concentration causes serious dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis and non-skeletal fluorosis in villagers. The fluorosis in human being and livestock is in alarming scale due to the prolonged intake of such higher concentration of fluoride which has tremendous influence on the socioeconomic conditions of the poor villagers. In general, the severeness and prevalence of fluorosis increased with increasing of fluoride concentration, age and by taking low calcium rich diet.