International Journal of Innovative Medicine and Health Science, Vol. 4, 2015, 10-12

Pragya Nair




Hemangioma is a benign growth of skin. Involvement of external genitalia, scrotum and vulva has been recorded representing approximately 1% of all cutaneous hemangiomas. Cavernous hemangiomas(CH), are benign vascular lesions  which commonly occur in skin, liver and superficial or deep soft tissues It presents as  purple, single, globular or multilobular tumors or as flat or slightly elevated strawberry nevus of infant. Histopathologically it consists of large, dilated hyaline vascular channels arranged in diffuse patterns. Wide local excision with overlying skin appears  to be the treatment of choice,  since  it   prevents further increase in size, rupture or significant hemorrhage. A 45year old housewife presented with single lesion over groin. It was multilobulated, pedunculated, soft and erythematous growth of about 3 x 4cm size. Histopathology shows changes favouring cavernous hemangioma, whether it is a sinusoidal hemangioma or not which is a distinctive subset of CH needs to be considered.

Key Words – Hemangioma, Vascular tumour, Inguinal Fol