Professor Dr. Muhammad Hussein Noure Elahi

421325405_21474Professor Dr. Muhammad Hussein Noure Elahi as a permanent member of many most referred and research cited International Journals’ Editorial Board and Reviewers and a professor of educational administration, sociology, management, public relations, marketing and English language teaching at Islamic Azad University, is the author of books as follows: (1) Management Briefs, (2) What Promotive Leaders and Managers Should Know; (3) Modern Restructuring of Today’s Management and Leadership; (4) Non-Traditional Banking Services Delivering Management; and (5) Public Relations Science Management published by Lambert Academic Publishing located in GERMANY; (6) A Step into Sociology and (7) Political Science and Political Sociology in Brief, (8) What Teachers Should Know(1), (9) What Teachers Should Know(2), published by Osmora Incorporation located in CANADA; (10) A Dictionary of Politics and Journalism, published by Rahnema Publications located in IRAN; (11) A Dictionary of Confusing Words, published by Forouzesh Publications located in IRAN,: some of which won Textbook Excellence Award from the Text and Academic Authors Association . He has also authored more than a hundred scientific, research & development journal articles and book chapters and participated in many internationally renowned and credited journals and conferences.